In the Yucatan Peninsula "botanas" are small samples of typical food served for free at various restaurants and family bars.   In the same manner, legal "botanas" are small pieces of legal advice that may help you once you are trying to establish your residency here.

  • When hiring ANY professional make sure you keep tabs on the progress of the work, do not sit idle and be an active participant.
  • If you buy ANY type of insurance make sure you are aware of all and/or any CONDITIONS imposed by the provider and ALWAYS call them first if you have a problem.
  • If you lose your residency card you must file a police report in order to get a new one and it will cost you the same as the first time.  Make a clear color copy and keep that in your wallet.
  • Make sure you have all your papers in order and you have them translated if necessary by a Certified Translator.
  • When hiring someone to work in your home, get their ID along with a signed contract detailing the services that will be provided and the amount of money it will cost.
  • If you have a trust (fideicomiso) most likely you will NOT need a Mexican Will UNLESS you have family heirlooms or valuable pieces you wish to bestow to certain people.
  • Health directives and DNRs are NOT enforceable in Mexico, not yet.

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