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Fundacion Thelma Duarte, A.C.

This foundation is dear to our hearts as it will be created under the name of Thelma Duarte, our founder's mother, who was a key person helping in one of the first sanctuaries for displaced cats and dogs in the city of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, personally going out five to six days a week to help these animals. Having at one time up to 35 cats and 5 dogs in her home.

In the early 90s, alongside others, the problem of overpopulation of urban fauna and cruelty against cats and dogs was brought to light. They did everything they could with limited people, funding and exposure.  They created a small army of non-paid volunteers to help out, trying to save as many animals as possible. 

AFAD being one of the sanctuaries opened for cats and dogs by one of those volunteers.

Thelma Duarte worked up till her late 70s, passing the torch to others. Now, in her memory, the foundation will be legally constituted this year, although our founder has been helping many animals with her own money, also having two small sanctuaries of cats, totaling around 50 animals she cares for in every way needed. Additionally, helping other women rescuers in their quest to aid and minimize street animals with sterilizations and food.

We would like to ask you to not turn a blind eye to this situation and help out whichever way you can, either by adopting or becoming a godmother/father to have as many animals as possible or donating, no amount is too small. 

Be a hero to these animals that all they want is to live in the best manner possible. Thank you for helping us out.